Meet The Makers - Jermain

Posted on December 17, 2015 by Owen Hayward

Meet Jermain. He's the man who supplies all the raffia for our crochet bags.

Jermain and his team dye all the raffia in batches by hand using traditional artisan methods. With a background in chemical engineering, his attention to detail and exacting standards mean his raffia colour dyeing is second to none! 

Here's a few photo's of Jermain and his team at work.


Natural raffia, ready to be dyed.


Powdered dyes, weighed and ready to be used. 


The dye is added to large steel pots full of water over an open fire ready for the raffia


Raffia is added to the water/ dye solution and boiled over an open fire. Jermain and his team keep a close eye on the raffia, stiring and checking at regular intervals.


Dyed raffia is dried in the sunshine on the grass outside Jermain's workshop.


All the raffia is weighed in bundles and bagged up ready to be delivered to our crochet team.

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Meet The Makers - Jermain Video

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