Stockist Spotlight - Sunset Kite Center

Posted on September 01, 2015 by Owen Hayward


On the 8th August this year, Kristina and the team opened the marvellous Sunset Kite Center & Shop in El Médano, Tenerife. They stocked the shop with carefully selected pieces from brands that they loved (including Ravinala), threw the doors wide open and invited the public in.  They've had a great first month and we're looking forward to hearing about their adventures for many years to come.

Kristina and the team were attracted to Ravinala, not just because they're beautiful products, but because they come with a beautiful story, a story of hope. It means so much to us when people take time to understand why we work the way we do, if you've never read our story then check it out here 

We love the way they've laid out the shop and displayed our products, especially the cool bespoke shelving units. We're delighted to say that the bags and throws have had such a great reception that Kristina has already come back to place another order! 




If you're ever in Tenerife and want to take some kiteboard lessons, or you're looking for a friendly shop to buy some high quality surf and beach wear then be sure to check out Sunset Kite Center and say 'Hi' from us!. 


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