New Year New Collection.

Posted on January 06, 2015 by Owen Hayward

We're so pleased that it's finally 2015 because it means that we get to properly share our 2015 collection with you! Not just in pictures but in real life, you can hold it, wear it, even buy it! Some pieces are already in stock at our warehouse, some have already been sent out to stockists and the rest are now on a container ship somewhere between our workshop in Madagascar and our warehouse in Devon, England.

2014 was great year for us, we changed name, re-branded, added a new line and more than double our number of stockists. We've been working really hard both in the UK and Madagascar to make this years collection the best yet, and we're sure that, when you see it, you'll agree we've achieved that with some room to spare!

We're really looking forward to seeing many of you at Spring Fair in February and can't wait to show off the new collection!

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Our 2015 Collection Has Arrived!

Posted on October 22, 2014 by Owen Hayward

After a slippery start, our 2015 collection has made the long journey from Madagascar to the UK ready for sending out to our stockists.



The lorry arrived at our UK warehouse at and once Rebecca had managed to break the seal on the container, apparently it's harder than it looks, see image for reference. We rounded up a group of friends to help and fuelled by cookies and coffee we eagerly set to work unloading, counting and moving into the warehouse. We emptied the whole container in a lightning quick 24 minutes and 57 seconds! 



The stock is all now safely stowed away in our warehouse ready for picking and shipping, and the very first 2015 collection orders have already been packed and sent out.  



So, what are you waiting for? Browse and order online from the 2015 collection now and we'll get it despatched asap.


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Land Rover To The Rescue!

Posted on September 08, 2014 by Owen Hayward


Our latest shipment (with all our new SS15 designs) has just left our manufacturing facility in Madagascar and is safely en-route to the UK! But it's journey got off to an interesting start. 


The weather in Madagascar has had something of a return to winter in the past few days seeing lots of rain. The route to our manufacturing facility is a little less 'road' and more 'dirt track' which can get a little slippery when wet. Apparently it can get a little too slippery and the lorry struggled to get going. Thankfully our logistics man, Becky's father and all round helpful chap Martin came to the rescue with his trusty Landcover. Phew!


Martin is also working on improving the road surface in the coming months to help ease transportation in the future.



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